Our Cinematic VR Tools

Cinematic VR Toolset

Full end-to-end solutions to get you started in the world of Virtual Reality.

3D Cinematic Camera
The Surround360 Cinematic camera rig is comprised of 17 cameras. It features a rugged aluminum chassis for image stability and alignment. It uses high-end industrial cameras that can run for hours without overheating.

  • 14 wide angle cameras on a horizontal ring
  • 1 fish eye lens on top and 2 on bottom for complete spherical coverage
  • Global shutter ensures that each camera captures every pixels in perfect sync
Reverge 360 Run n’ Gun
3D Cinematic Camera
The Reverge360-3D Cinematic camera rig consists of 20 camera modules with 16 in a circular array. It comes packed with two additional cameras on the bottom and another two on top for full spherical coverage.


The Reverge360-3D system is perfect for applications which require portability along with quick stop-and-go action.


The extremely small form factor makes it a perfect tool for live applications.

360 Video Tools
In addition to 3d-360 Cinema Cameras, we also employ an array of tools for straight 360 Production and Pre-Vizualization.


These include:

  • Customized 360-Video Drones
  • Custom Waterproof 360 Cameras
  • Customized 4k 360 Cameras
  • Standard 360Rize 6 Camera Rigs
  • 360Rize 14 Camera 3D Rigs
  • Theta Cameras for camera positioning and lo-rez previz

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